New generation of Pergola`s Installed By Kevin Jones – ConstructionKitchensBathrooms Introducing an amazing innovation in pergola design allowing you to enjoy your garden all year round.
At Kevin Jones, they continue to find new solutions for old problems, and with Saxun, we’ve found a wonderful system that not only solves the shade problem, but look superb as well. What makes these pergolas unique is that the ‘slats’ can be adjusted to whatever angle you like which means you can go from fully open to fully closed. the Saxun Bioclimate Pergola is a new solar protection system which allows you to be outdoors any time of the year. Inside the pergola, temperature can be naturally regulated whilst offering sun, rain, and even wind protection!
Adjustable louvre system forms a roof which can be angled between 0º and 135º, allowing natural convection to cool down the area.
Fixation and assembly elements are hidden leaving a beautiful structure.
For the ecologically minded, rainwater can be collected and re-used.
Rubber sealing ensures that the pergola is watertight.
Vibration resistant design to eliminate wind noise.

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